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Great Taste. Good Health.

Our vision is to build a brand known for the healthiest and world best product choices (Juices, Smoothies and Whole Foods) that will guarantee irresistibly great taste and profound wellness.

Our mission is to produce and deliver top-notch Cold-pressed juices, Smoothies and Whole foods using the best technologies you can find in the world today, providing you with very satisfying taste, alongside optimum nourishment.

Why choose Delightsome

Delightsome Juice, Smoothies and Whole foods is a Nigerian innovative brand basically established to enhance the quality of life and promote health through the production of 100% natural, fresh and nutrient-dense COLD-PRESSED JUICES, SMOOTHIES AND WHOLE FOODS.

We are a group of holistic health professionals who are passionate about making a big difference in people’s health and lives.

On a daily basis, we are unavoidably exposed to harmful toxins. No thanks to the various environmental assaults and pollution that come our way. How about the gulp of processed foods/ junks and refined sugars/carbs? All these ultimately lead to the generation of free radicals in the body system.

Many disease conditions actually result when the body gets overwhelmed as a result of unfavourable imbalances between free radical generation and the antioxidant defense of the body.

Unfortunately/Sadly, no one has control over the innate/internal antioxidant system usage…

Isn’t it wise then to utilize natural external antioxidant sources to boost the internal antioxidant system???

Now, you get the gist…

The role of dietary antioxidants as functional foods in the management of health-related issues can never be over-emphasized.

We, at Delightsome Juices, Smoothies and Whole Foods are poised to offer you a DELIGHTFUL RIDE as you RELISH OUR PRODUCTS, while ENJOYING ALL THE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BENEFICIAL EFFECTS to your health and state of well-being.

We use only the highest quality ingredients for all our products, sourcing from local farms to ensure freshness, as well as superior nutrition and taste.

We are an answer to your health prayers!

Our Cold-Pressed Juice will make you feel better and look better! Your body will thank you!
Our Smoothies deliver extra boost of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will flood your entire body with nourishment.
Our Whole foods are a pack of healthy ‘eats’… All natural, high in protein, high in fiber, high in various essential vitamins and minerals.

You are warmly welcome to our world of ‘Great taste, Good health’!!!

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